• Art School Reims

    Together with Neutelings Riedijk Architects, Juliette Bekkering collaborated on the design of LABORATORY OF THE ARTS: ESAD, in Reims, France. 
    The design for the Art School in Reims ended as runner-up in the competition.

    The new Art School is designed as a city, continuously under construction. According to pedagogical wishes, the layout may vary per semester. Although arts education relies heavily on the development of individual skills, one cannot underestimate the importance of the school as a #communitybuilding. The ‘Laboratory of the Arts’ finds the perfect balance between individual students and the community, and between studying in the heart of the building, near a window, or even on the roof terrace outside.
    Our proposal is #sustainable and #circular. With a supporting structure mainly of wood, it offers an architectural atmosphere with an exceptional sensitive quality. The characteristic brise-soleils in the facades act as diaphragms filtering light, sun and views. These wooden geometries give the building a distinctive presence, with special attention to comfort requirements and durability.
    We certainly enjoyed working on l'École Superieure d’Arte et de Design, with the professional and inspiring team of:
    Communauté urbaine du Grand Reims THIENOT BALLAN ZULAICA ARCHITECTES  @Terrell @BE Garnier PRIMA INGENIERIE@Dbs Acoustique ETAMINE VOLGA Urbanisme 

    Visualisations by WAX Architectural Visualizations 

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  • Lecture at the International Conference: Catalyzers of Future Ecologies

    On 11th March 2022 Juliette Bekkering will be lecturing at the international conference: "Catalyzers of Future Ecologies" organized by Universitad San Francisco de Quito.(USFQ) https://ne-np.facebook.com/USFQCADI/posts/juliette-bekkering-is-a-full-professor-at-the-technical-university-of-eindhoven-/4813787772062785/


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