• Juliette Bekkering Chairman ARC21 Oeuvre Award

    This year Juliette Bekkering will be the chairman of the ARC21Oeuvre Award.

    The prestiguous ARC21 Oeuvre Award is part of the ARC21 Awards and is an initiative of the Architectural Review 'De Architect". 

    The award is given annually by the editors of the Architect to an individual who has made a lasting and innovative contribution to the improvement of the built environment.

    For more information about the award ARC21 Oeuvre Award

    The jury consists of the following members: Juliette Bekkering, Loes Thijssen (NOAHH Architecten) and Mendel Robbers (Schipper Bosch). 

    Merel Pit, chief editor of De Architect, acts as secretary of the jury. 

    The award ceremony will take place in November 2021.

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  • Interview Juliette Bekkering on the challenges of circular and bio based architectural design

    For a symposium on sustainable developments in U-building, organized by VBI, Juliette Bekkering was interviewed about challenges and opportunities for sustainable and circular building. Watch Video


  • Report Circularity and Biobased materials in architecture

    The book is online: Circularity and Biobased Materials in Architecure and Design. 

    An evaluation on the status quo and defining future perspectives. 



    For Design United and ClickNL, Juliette Bekkering is leading the 4TU program on Circularity and Biobased Materials in Architecure and Design. With Cristina Nan and Torsten Schroeder she made an investigation into materials, components and processes, knowledge gaps and challenges when we deal with  circular design and biobased materials. 

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  • Podcast Casa Malaparte

    Casa Malaparte heeft altijd tot mijn verbeelding gesproken. Door Michiel van Poelgeest ben ik gevraagd een bijdrage te leveren aan de Podcast over dit magnifieke huis. De podcast staat online. Apple Podcasts

    Het is zo ver: de aflevering van Platte Grond over Malaparte staat live. Je vindt hem o.a. op Spotify en in Apple Podcasts, maar je kunt hem ook beluisteren via de website.

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