• design team: Thom Kvan, Juliette Bekkering, Jaime Lopez, David Hill, Justyna Karakiewicz, John Dunn, Jose Holguin.

The summer school was  internationally oriented, with participants from the United States, Australia and Ecuador and professors from all different continents.

With this summer school, themes of great importance and actuality were adressed: How can we design in world heritage areas without damaging the vulnerable nature, flora and fauna? Sustainability, biodiversity and the effects of building in heritage areas are topics that we must continue to address: in research and in design, so that the future generation of students can formulate answers to the challenges of our time.

The assignment of the summer school was dealing with topics like climate change, rising sea level and circularity in the context of the Galapagos Islands and more specific for the town of Porto Ayora: the main town of the Galapagos that is growing rapidly due to the expanding tourism of the islands. The students made proposals that were presented to the local authorities: sharing and developing knowledge was the aim of the summer school.

The Summerschool was organised by Universitad de San Francisco de Quito. 


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