• Biophilic design in architecture and its contributions to health, well-being, and sustainability: A critical review

    Authors: Weijie Zhong, Torsten W.A. Schroeder, Juliette Bekkering

    in: Frontiers of Architectural Design

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    In the last ten years, ‘nature’ and biophilic design have received widespread attention in architecture, especially in response to growing environmental challenges. However, open questions and controversies remain regarding conceptualizing and addressing ‘nature’ in practice and research. This study conducts a literature review to discuss biophilic design as a theoretical framework to interpret ‘nature’ in architecture. The following questions are answered: (1) How has the concept of biophilic design emerged, and how can it be defined? (2) In what ways can biophilic design contribute to the goals of sustainable architecture? (3) What are the key design strategies in biophilic design? This review identifies and compares the key frameworks of biophilic design and explains their major elements. We then analyse the benefits (e.g. enhance health, well-being, productivity, biodiversity, and circularity) of biophilic design in achieving sustainability, as framed through the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The results indicate that biophilic design is more complex and richer than the mere application of vegetation in buildings; it broadens the variety through encompassing different types of nature from physical, sensory, metaphorical, morphological, material to spiritual. Moreover, knowledge gaps are identified to motivate future research and critical reflections on biophilic design practices. © 2021 The Authors

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  • Circularity and Biobased Materials in Architecture and Design

    • ISBN: 978-90-9034525-3

    For Design United and ClickNL, Juliette Bekkering is leading the 4TU program on Circularity and Biobased Materials in Architecure and Design. With Cristina Nan and Torsten Schroeder she made an investigation into materials, components and processes, knowledge gaps and challenges when we deal with  circular design and biobased materials. 

    The result is published in the report: Circularity and Biobased Materials in Architecture and Design. Download PDF

    With articles by: Juliette Bekkering, Cristina Nan and Torsten Schroeder


    Dieter de Vos, Neutelings Riedijk Architects
    Rijk Blok, Eindhoven University of Technology
    Perica Savanovic, Avans Hogeschool
    Bas Wouterszoon Jansen, Delft University of Technology Tom Veeger, Eindhoven University of Technology
    Pascal Leboucq, Biobased Creations
    Marc van den Berg, University of Twente
    Vincent Gruis, Delft University of Technology

    Case studies:

    BlueCity Offices, SUPERUSE studios
    Gare Maritime, Neutelings Riedijk Architects
    Biobased Facade, LINQ, team VIRTUe, Eindhoven University of Technology Biopartner 5, Popma ter Steege Architecten
    Town Hall Brummen, RAU Architects
    The Exploded View, Company New Heroes
    Circular Kitchen, Vincent Gruis, Delft University of Technology
    Circular Skin, Anne van Stijn, Delft University of Technology

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  • Interview Juliette Bekkering on the challenges of circular and bio based architectural design

    For a symposium on sustainable developments in U-building, organized by VBI, Juliette Bekkering was interviewed about challenges and opportunities for sustainable and circular building.


  • De Herbebossing van Nederland

    Pleidooi voor een sterke herbebossingsstrategie zodat we een rijke en gevarieerde leefomgeving krijgen en de ontbossing die in Nederland nu gaande is, een halt toeroepen. 

    Author: Juliette Bekkering, De Herbebossing van Nederland, In: Tektoniek, Beton als drager voor natuur. p.4. 


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