Juliette Bekkering Architects represents unique architecture that is timeless, as well as innovative and contemporary.

SOUL; The purpose of the office is to make buildings with a soul, and to create sustainable environments that instill pride in their occupants: architecture that is powerful and assertive, yet elegant and refined. The starting point for the design is creating an integrated approach to the brief. This creates space for new interpretations, can resolve problems and provides insights into the opportunities of our changing society.

SEDUCTION; Architecture is more than just the built environment. Architecture must seduce and surprise, it is an intellectual and cultural challenge, to achieve something more than the sum of its parts. Architecture is the search for the revelation that a physical experience of space can summon; a sensory and emotional experience, the discovery of continuously changing views and uses of the building. Enriching architectural metaphors and interpretations, to know and to identify, is the starting point for our work.

LAYERING; Layering is searched for in all designs. Functionality, context, durability, experience, and materialization; the various layers are presented to each other in the design. With every facet of the design a scenario and an image is generated for a specific audience: the user, the casual passerby, the customer, the neighbour, the visitor, or the service person. Light filtered by a window, an unexpected glimpse of a hidden garden; users move through the building and make their own story.

URBAN; The buildings are seen as confident appearances in the urban landscape. In its appearance, the different faces of the building and each layer have their own logic. This results in a building that is constantly different, with different climates for different users, from different angles, from near or afar, night or day. Each building has its secret which is not revealed. Only on closer inspection do all the different layers of the building unfold.

SYNERGY; Every building or urban plan is always a new and positive addition to its environment. It is the aim of the office to provide an environment to live and work in that pleases, promotes synergy and communication and contributes to human welfare. In our philosophy,  buildings should be timeless, contemporary and innovative. Buildings that users and visitors can identify with and be proud of.

JOYOUS, SPECIAL and PERSONAL ATTENTION; these are the keywords from which the firm works. Client satisfaction and taking pleasure in designing are central.


We are an internationally operating, dynamic and versatile architectural office, looking and working with an open mind towards our future society.  With an enthusiastic team of architects and designers we work on innovative and sustainable projects with a strong identity, defined by expressive architecture with a tactile expression of material and detail.


Mathenesserlaan 257
3021HD Rotterdam, The Netherlands
T: 00 31 6 510 67480

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