Juliette Bekkering Architects is a dynamic and versatile architectural office, operating internationally and with a focus on public buildings and the public domain. After 15 years of operating under the name of Bekkering Adams Architects, recently a new step has been made and Juliette Bekkering continues her activities under the name Juliette Bekkering Architects. 

Together with an enthusiastic team of architects and designers, the office works on innovative and sustainable projects with a strong identity, defined by expressive architecture with a tactile expression of material and detail.

Over the years a distinct oeuvre has been established, characterized by iconographic and characteristic buildings. Research plays a key role within projects and parallel to the design process the office frequently seeks collaboration with other parties to set up research routes to deepen the content of the design, including research into sustainability, materialization, scenographic and typological studies. The office has a special interest in the potential of public and collective space in the contemporary transformation processes of our cities.

The commissions vary from complex building assignments to concept development, ranging from headquarter offices to public buildings, from urban plan to interior design. The work of Juliette Bekkering and formarly Bekkering Adams architects has been published in a wide range of renowned national and international architectural reviews and books. Various projects have been nominated for national architectural awards.

Completed buildings include a firestation in Doetinchem, the head office  Esprit Benelux in Amstelveen, the urban ensemble of public buildings called ‘Bloemershof’ in Dieren, the school and daycare centre called  'de Schatkamer', a public playground in Rotterdam, the head office of the Schuurman Group, the Booster Pumpstation East in Amsterdam, the Municipality Offices Maashaven in Rotterdam and the fire station and rescue service Vlissingen Middelburg. Furthermore the office completed an installation for the Biennale in Venice, Italy and a comprehensive concept design for a highway.

Recently the schoolcampus in Peer (Belgium) has been completed with a secondary school  a Primary School, a Boarding School and a Sport complex, all embedded in a new public park in the vicinity of the Peer city centre. 


Since 2013 Juliette Bekkering is chair Professor Architectural Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology and she combines the architectural practice of the office with her academic work and research at the University.   


The office has a comprehensive approach. The aim is to create projects that go beyond the purely architectural and to repeatedly surprise. Great attention is paid to the consistent development of the projects. With a preference for natural and beautifully aging materials, the office is constantly searching for possibilities to combine idiosyncratic materials and a characteristic detailing with environmentally friendly techniques.

The compact organizational structure of our office ensures that it is possible to collaborate in a very direct and personal way, and that there is room for thorough investigation. This personal involvement also ensures that the office can deliver customized solutions and can quickly and adequately respond to clients questions. 

Our work includes all the standard operations of feasibility studies to implementation. On large scale projects the office cooperates with long-term partners for technical support in architectural engineering, cost control and site engineering. All partnerships are entered into from shared love for the profession. In this way our dynamic design expertise is reinforced with engineering experience and knowledge in the area of cost control, and enables the office to accept commissions of any scope and scale.


We are an internationally operating, dynamic and versatile architectural office, looking and working with an open mind towards our future society.  With an enthusiastic team of architects and designers we work on innovative and sustainable projects with a strong identity, defined by expressive architecture with a tactile expression of material and detail.


Mathenesserlaan 257
3021HD Rotterdam, The Netherlands
T: 00 31 6 510 67480

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